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County Moves Regional Transit Vision Forward

On Monday, February 24, Jackson County announced that it reached an agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad to potentially purchase nearly 21 miles of rail corridor. “Today commuter rail becomes a possibility for the citizens of Jackson County,” said County Executive Mike Sanders at Monday’s Legislative meeting. The agreement gives Jackson County the exclusive right to purchase the tracks, when it comes up with the $59.9 million required for the deal. + more

The tracks on the table include the 15 mile Rock Island corridor running through Kansas City, Raytown, and Lee’s Summit, as well as two other lines primarily in Independence. Acquiring the Rock Island would open the doors to running commuter rail to eastern Jackson County, and would also help connect to the State-wide Katy Trail Park. This acquisition is vital to a multimodal regional transit future for our area.

The other two lines, known as the Pixley Spur and Independence Power and Light Spur, allow Jackson County to find other ways for running regional rail to eastern communities such as Independence and Blue Springs. This could provide ways around the disagreement between the county and the Kansas City Southern Railroad about a western terminus for commuter rail.

Although financing has not been secured, Federal representatives have already voiced their support for the project. The County hopes to have most if not all of the $59.9 million covered by Federal and State grants. Learn more about Jackson County’s vision for regional rail and trails.

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TransitWorksForUs.org is an initiative of Jackson County and the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance (KCRTA) to help improve and enhance rapid transportation in our community. It is important to the process that our entire community is educated about potential regional transit options. We hope you find the information on this website valuable and that you engage and make this website your own. + more

In order to be competitive in the future, our region needs to develop a regional system of transportation that connects communities and people. Vibrant, sustainable and healthy communities around the country and around the world have several things in common. One of these major items is a comprehensive transit system. Imagine a network of travel options bringing communities together – and bringing people together!

Do you want better mass transit options in the Kansas City area? Then, we need you! Find out more about Kansas City public transportation and get involved today.

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