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Major Transportation Initiatives This August Ballot

Two major transportation initiatives will appear on the August 5th ballot in a few weeks for the Kansas City region. One measure, Amendment 7, will ask voters to approve a statewide, 10-year, ¾ cent sales and use tax to help fund transportation projects across the state. A second measure, Question A, specific to certain Kansas City voters, will seek approval for the creation of a Transportation Development District (TDD), which could potentially fund streetcar expansions.  + more

Amendment 7 is expected to generate over $5 billion dollars throughout its 10-year life span, and is slated to fund over 800 projects. In the Kansas City region specifically, 48 projects will be funded, ranging from road and bridge to transit to sidewalk projects. Notable projects include funding for streetcar expansion, acquisition of the Rock Island Corridor (one of three major corridors studied in Jackson County’s Alternative Analyses), and replacement of the Broadway Bridge. A full project list can be found here, and one-page summaries for each MODOT region can be found here.

Kansas City Question A will ask voters within the boundaries of a proposed TDD to formally establish that TDD. Approval of Question A itself will not increase taxes. Approval of Question A will formalize the TDD, allowing for a second election, likely to be held in November of this year, which will ask voters to implement a 1% sales tax and special assessments on certain properties. These funds would be used to expand the downtown streetcar, currently between the River Market and Union Station, down Independence Avenue, Linwood Avenue, and further down Main Street to UMKC. Funds raised in the TDD would also provide significant funding for implementing MAX bus rapid transit service on Prospect Avenue.

Important however, is that if both Amendment 7 and Question A are approved, sales taxes would only go up 1%. The City of Kansas City, Missouri and MODOT have reached an agreement capping the sales tax increase. This means that, if the second TDD measure is approved, it would only impose the remaining .25% sales tax rate.

See more about the streetcar expansion here.

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