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Rock Island Rail Corridor Project Moves Forward

On May 2nd 2016, Jackson County officially took ownership of the Rock Island Rail Corridor. This exciting development comes as the result of a partnership between Jackson County and the KCATA and would not have been possible without the many years of hard work by some of our region’s most visionary leaders, municipalities and citizen coalitions. Jackson County is very proud to have taken the reins of this project and led the final push to acquire the corridor along with our partner, the KCATA.

The Rock Island Rail Corridor is a 17.7 mile stretch of real estate that spans the length of Jackson County from the Stadium Complex to Southern Lee’s Summit. The Rock Island connects our county’s largest urban areas; Kansas City, Raytown and Lee’s Summit while also passing through some of the most rural and natural settings the county has to offer.

Jackson County and the KCATA plan to develop this corridor in two unique but connected phases. Phase one is the development of a shared-use path and will be led by a newly formed County department, the Rock Island Rail Corridor Authority. Phase two will be the construction of a transit corridor – either Bus Rapid Transit or Rail – and will be the responsibility of the KCATA. Both parties will be involved in all aspects of corridor development as partners.

The first phase of corridor development, the shared-use path, is scheduled to begin construction sometime during the spring of 2017. Design and construction of this path, while being started first, will be done with transit in mind and will not hinder any future transit component of the project. The timeline for the transit component of the corridor has yet to be determined, although alternatives are currently being explored.

One of the most exciting elements of this project is how it will improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility throughout our county and the state. The shared- use path on the Rock Island Corridor will connect into our regions MetroGreen trails plan and will allow users to transition from many of our region’s best trails seamlessly. Even more exciting is the long-sought connection to the KATY Trail, our state’s longest and most famous trail. Finally trail users will be able to travel the length of the KATY, all the way from the Stadium Complex in Kansas City to the Arch in Saint Louis on one continuous trial amenity.  Jackson County and the KCATA are excited and proud to bring this fantastic trail and transit amenity to our region.

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