Transportation Alternatives Analysis

Jackson County, Missouri, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, and the Mid-America Regional Council have partnered to study three major corridors in our region. In order to move the vision of a regional transit system forward, there have been two transportation studies, known as Alternatives Analyses, conducted.

An Alternatives Analysis a comprehensive study that looks at a variety of transportation options possible in a community. After evaluation, certain alternatives, or modes of transportation, can be either advanced or discontinued as viable options for a community. When completed, the study makes a final recommendation, known as a Locally Preferred Alternative.

One of these studies focused on various transit options along the I-70 and Rock Island commuter corridors in Jackson County. These two corridors have been identified as priorities in addressing the region’s future transportation needs. For updates and news on this study, click here.

The second study is examining possible alternative transportation options along the US-71/Bruce R. Watkins Drive corridor in Kansas City. This study will build on and work with the analysis of the I-70 and Rock Island corridors. This study is scheduled to be completed later this year. For more information and news, click here.

Voice of the Public

A number of public meetings have been held throughout our community so our citizens have a voice in developing a regional transit system. A group of stakeholders, made up of various community and neighborhood leaders, has also been formed so we can accurately gauge and address the transit needs in our communities.

We encourage you to continue giving input and help our local leaders shape a transit system to our citizen’s needs. Please visit to share your thoughts and comments on regional transit in Jackson County, MO.

At the conclusion of a transit Alternatives Analysis, the best transit option or “locally preferred alternative” (LPA) for the community is determined. This could be regional rail, streetcar, bus rapid transit or a combination of various modes.

For more information on this process, please visit

Alternative transportation analysis for KC