Authority Decides on Downtown Streetcar Colors

Categories: Kansas City,Streetcar,Transit Industry

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority, charged with developing and overseeing the streetcar project in downtown Kansas City, has recently decided on a color design for its vehicles. Pictured here, the approved design calls for a clean and sophisticated color palate, including white and platinum.

The color choice was presented by Willoughby Design, a consultant hired to develop a design and brand for the streetcar. Willoughby is also helping to develop a regional transit brand, which would include existing services like MAX, the Jo, and Unified Transit, but could also work with future services like commuter rail.

The design was almost universally accepted, save one detractor, claiming the colors lacked enough “pop”. Regardless, the color scheme will allow for creative designs and advertisements to be showcased on downtown streets with wraps.

The interior design of the streetcar was also decided on, which is primarily white and gray, with bright blue seats. The blue seats are similar to other services in the area, like the MAX and Metro buses.

The downtown starter line, running from the river market to union station, is slated to begin operations in late 2015. Elections to expand the system south to the plaza and east on Independence Avenue and Linwood could be held this fall.