Jackson County and its regional partners are committed to expanding and enhancing the current bus service in our metro region. By increasing current services and introducing new ones, a comprehensive regional transit plan looks to expand mobility for all citizens throughout our area. Here is a brief look at what a bus improvement plan for Jackson County might look like.

Regional Commuter Service

Providing transportation alternatives is an important objective to a comprehensive transit plan for Jackson County. Commuter bus service along three major corridors in Jackson County would do just that.

  • An I-70 Express would improve commuter service in eastern Jackson County. This route would serve Jackson County communities such as Independence, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, and Oak Grove.
  • The M-350 Express would serve commuters from Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Greenwood, and Pleasant Hill coming into downtown Kansas City.
  • The U.S. 71/I-49 Express would serve citizens in Grandview and southern Jackson County, bringing them into downtown Kansas City.

Commuter routes would extend current services, increase frequency, and allow for great reverse commute opportunities. When you step out of the door for work, now you’ll have a convenient and accessible option to get you there!

Urban Corridors

Throughout the study process, regional partners and advocates have identified the need for better transit service along several urban corridors. A bus investment plan for Jackson County looks to provide those new services, making transit a viable choice for our citizens. All urban corridor projects look to provide MAX and CONNEX levels of service.

  • Rapid bus service on U.S. 24 or Truman Road would provide a vital connection between downtown Kansas City, the Northeast, and Independence. Rapid bus transit will give residents in northern Jackson County a reliable and convenient transportation option.
  • Rapid bus service on U.S. 40 or Linwood Boulevard would strengthen connections throughout Kansas City, Independence, and Blue Springs. An identifiable and convenient service will help establish transit along the corridor.
  • MAX bus rapid transit service on Prospect Avenue in Kansas City would enhance service on one of the busiest transit corridors in our region. Providing more frequent and reliable service along this corridor will make an important north-south connection in Kansas City.

Interurban Corridor Service

Most transportation service is focused on bringing people in and out of center cities, but there are other travel patterns a regional transit system needs to consider. An interurban service would connect communities in eastern Jackson County, providing convenient travel between suburban communities.

  • An Interurban bus service would connect eastern Jackson County cities such as Grandview, Lee’s Summit, and Independence and would provide connections to many existing KCATA routes.