Getting Around Jackson County

It’s hard for those of us with private automobiles to imagine getting around the Kansas City region without a car. Just think of how one might get from home Blue Springs to work in downtown Kansas City? Or how to travel from Independence to the doctor’s office in Lee’s Summit? For the many Jackson County citizens unable to afford private transportation, this thought experiment is everyday life.

Buses provide essential transportation service for many citizens in Jackson County. Thousands of trips are taken daily by people who depend on bus service to get them to work, school, doctor’s appointments, and grocery stores. Without the option to take the bus, these members of our community would be stranded; both physically and economically.

Transit in Jackson County – We All Depend on it

We may not all ride the bus, but chances are, someone you know depends on it every day. Many companies are staffed and run by those members of our community who rely on transit to get them to work each day. Without bus transportation, many of our local businesses would not get the employees they need for economic success.

Convenient and reliable bus transit creates economic opportunity for the members of our region who need it most. By creating jobs and opening up educational and occupational avenues, transit really does works for us.

Bus Transportation- Mobility for All of Our Citizens

Low-income families, seniors, veterans, and the disabled all rely on public transportation. Increasing and expanding bus service throughout Jackson County will provide the necessary mobility these populations need. By 2015, 88% of seniors in the Kansas City region will have little to no access to public transportation*. Improved bus service will help provide independence and mobility to our seniors, and the many others who critically depend on bus transportation in our area. Let’s invest in transit, let’s invest in our community.

*Reconnecting America