Assisted transportation in Kansas City

What is Paratransit?

Paratransit provides special door-to-door service for members of our community who don’t have the ability to get to a specific destination through traditional public transit. These services are essential for the elderly, the disabled and many veterans. Members of our community depend on assisted transportation for basic needs, such as visiting a doctor or getting a prescription at the pharmacy.

Accessible Transportation for the Kansas City Area

A comprehensive public transportation network is designed to get people where they need to go, conveniently, reliably, and safely. Our regional transit vision encompasses these needs and looks to provide the most accessible, reliable and on-demand service for all of our citizens. Expansion of current paratransit services will improve mobility for all of Jackson County.

Improvements to service for the elderly, disabled, and veterans are an important component of a first class transit system

By 2015, 88% of seniors in the Kansas City metro region will have little to no access to public transportation*. With driving no longer an option, many of our seniors will be left behind and stuck without options. Likewise, our veteran and disabled populations require accessible transportation to get them to the hospitals, grocery stores, and other vital services they need. Expanding accessible transportation services in the Kansas City metro region will grant our citizens greater mobility, independence, and quality of life. Let’s make transit work for us!

Providing Mobility in Jackson County

While there is a need to expand current paratransit services in Jackson County, public transportation agencies are working hard to ensure our citizens have the mobility they need. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) has accessible buses, companion programs, on-demand services, and reduced fares to accommodate all riders..

The KCATA provides on-demand accessible transportation services through its Share-A-Fare program. Members schedule trips ahead of time which ensures reliable and convenient service. To learn more about this program and the other assisted transportation programs, please visit

Other accessible transportation services in Jackson County include:

  • Dial-a-Ride (Independence, Missouri)
    Serves Independence residents who are at least 60 years of age or have a disability. Call (816)325-7399 for application information.

*Reconnecting America, Aging in Place, Stuck Without Options