DMU regional rail for Jackson County

Jackson County Regional Rail

Regional rail is a way to connect our citizens between eastern Jackson County and downtown Kansas City. Potential hubs include River Market and Union Station with connections to streetcar and bus routes.

Rail transit is an effective way to address the transportation and sustainability needs of our region. Providing citizens with alternative transportation options, including commuter rail, can also relieve congestion on our roadways.

Kansas City rail transit is about more than just moving people. Regional rail service throughout Jackson County has the ability to create jobs, spur economic development and energize our community. It can also help create dense, more walkable, mixed-use developments. The development that rail in the Kansas City area can encourage provides more accessibility and opportunity for citizens throughout our entire community.

No initiative in Jackson County has more potential to transform how our community lives, works, grows or moves than the effort to build a new, modern and efficient public transit system, including Kansas City commuter rail service

Regional Rail is Not Light Rail

Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) are sleek, modern vehicles that allow for safe and comfortable travel. These differ from light-rail technology, which uses smaller capacity cars, has a smaller number of cars per train, and is often operated in a more urban environment. Regional rail service provides longer distance travel and uses a larger number of high capacity cars.

Just imagine having the ability to commute from Oak Grove to downtown without your car, or taking a train to the game! A rail system in Kansas City makes this possible.

  • For every $1 invested in public transportation, $4 in economic returns are generated*
  • Drivers who make the switch to transit can save $9,854 a year on average*
  • Investment in public transit creates and supports more than 1.9 million public and private sector jobs*

*Source: American Public Transit Association