Rail transit has a positive and lasting impact on our economy. Cities and regions across our nation have seen significant economic development with rail transit investments. Implementing regional rail service in Jackson County and Kansas City is an economic game changer.

Regional rail will create jobs. From engineering to construction to operations and maintenance- transit works for us. In fact, for every billion dollars invested in transportation, 36,000 jobs are created and sustained*.

Making Our Region Competitive

Creating a world-class mass transit system does more than create jobs however; it attracts and captures the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Demographics show that younger generations are ditching their cars and hopping on public transit. Not only this, transit accessibility is a major factor employers consider when locating a business. In order to stay competitive in a global economy, the Kansas City region needs to invest in a robust public transit system.

Transit-Oriented Development

Mass transportation infrastructure sends signals to businesses. By investing in permanent infrastructure like rail, developers have a greater level certainty when building residential, office, and retail space. This increase in development around transit, also known as Transit-Oriented Development, mixes land uses and creates more vibrant places to live, work, and play.

Getting us back to Work

Over 60% of trips taken on public transit are to get to and from the workplace**. Providing a transportation alternative that grants important job access to those without cars is vital in our economy. Whether you ride or not, many at your workplace rely on public transit to get to and from work. By improving mobility with expanded transit service, we can expand the job opportunities available to our citizens.

Transit investments also help create and sustain jobs. For every billion dollars investet in public transit, especially rail, over 36,000 jobs are created and sustained***.

Increased Property Values

Data show that amenities like rail transit are highly valued. With a growing desire to live or own a business near rail, property values rise. Regional rail provides and amenity to businesses and residents, just like highway access or parks or cultural amenities do. Expanded and enhanced transit is something our citizens are demanding. Let’s deliver it to them!