Creating an efficient, modern, and reliable system of transportation has far reaching consequences for our community. Many of our interstates and roads may no longer be widened or kept in adequate states of repair. By providing a smart system of travel, we can fit the growing needs of our region and build for future generations. Jackson County is looking to take that step now.

A More Sustainable Region

Research shows that having rail alongside heavily used roadways can in fact help prolong the useful life of that roadway. By investing in our major transportation corridors with regional rail, we can help create a more financially sustainable transportation system.

Even more, transit investments not only preserve our current infrastructure, they help preserve our environment as well. By providing alternative transportation choices, many Jackson County citizens will for the first time, be able to leave their cars in the driveway. Better public transit service will help lower our dependence on fossil fuels, and lead the way for a more sustainable metro region.

A Generational Opportunity

Our region’s population is projected to grow by more than 750,000 by 2030*. This surge in growth presents many challenges, transportation being on of primary concern. How we plan to move people, services, and goods now will have big impacts on our region in 10, 20, 30 years and beyond. Regional rail will provide fast and efficient service for future generations, and will serve as the backbone for future development. Implementing a well-connected system of rail is a generational opportunity we have the chance to take advantage of. Jackson County is looking to take that first step.

*MARC Outlook 2040