Regional Rail in Jackson County

The Kansas City area has the second largest amount of rail assets in the nation, second only to Chicago, Illinois. Our region surpasses all others in the nation on another measure however; underutilized rail infrastructure. Geocentric in location, our region is a national transportation hub- and we’re looking to take advantage of that.

A regional partnership team composed of Jackson County, MO, the City of Kansas City, MO, the Mid-America Regional Council, and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is evaluating options for using our area’s freight rail assets for passenger service. The possibility of using existing infrastructure provides Jackson County with an exciting opportunity to transform the way our region works, moves, and grows.

A system of regional rail looks to operate modern, efficient vehicles in three corridors:

  • An Eastern line that parallels Interstate 70 would give Jackson County citizens from Kansas City to Oak Grove a quick and reliable transit alternative. Just imagine a quick commute to downtown!
  • A Southeastern line would run from downtown Kansas City through Raytown to Lee’s Summit. Operating on the old Rock Island railroad, this route would serve the Truman Sports Complex and give our citizens the option of taking the train to the game. Along with rail service, acquisition of this corridor gives the Kansas City metro an opportunity to tie into the state-wide Katy Trail park, by developing a trail alongside rail.
  • A Southern line would begin its journey in Grandview and travel north into downtown Kansas City. Rail vehicles could quickly and comfortably shuttle urban and suburban passengers past traffic and get them to their favorite destinations.

By utilizing existing corridors and tracks, regional rail is an exciting option for current Jackson County residents and generations to come.