Commute by bike in Kansas City

A System of Bike Trails for KC and Jackson County

Jackson County and the KCRTA share a vision for a regional transit system that includes a well-connected system of bike trails throughout Jackson County. Trails help create walkable communities and promote public health. Cities around the nation are investing in bike paths and trails to give communities convenient ways to exercise and stay active.

A large network of trails will give our residents and visitors the opportunity to bike the Kansas City area and travel throughout the entire region while enjoying the outdoors. Trails are a healthy transportation alternative that helps preserve our roads and environment.

A well-developed trail system in Jackson County will connect to train stations, bus routes, and other transportation services

Providing transportation choices is an important piece of our community’s future. Trails will connect to train stations, bus routes, and other transportation services. Creating more and better places to bike in the Kansas City area is vital to a comprehensive regional transit strategy. The ability to commute by bike to work, school, or just to the store can help us save at the pump, better our health, and lessen our environmental footprint. Just imagine bike paths all over Jackson County!

An important component of a comprehensive network of trails for the Kansas City metro area is a connection to the state wide Katy Trail system. Jackson County and the KCRTA envision making this connection to the Katy trail via the Rock Island Rail corridor. The State of Missouri is currently working on bringing the Katy trail from Windsor, MO to Pleasant Hill, MO. Further extension of this trail into the Kansas City metro area is a priority for building well connected trails system. For more information on the Katy Trail extension, visit

To see what bike paths, trails, and lanes the region already offers, click here.

To see a proposed, long term county trail plan, please click here.

  • Bicycling could displace 5% of the carbon monoxide and 1.5% of the carbon dioxide emitted by passenger cars*
  • Cars are used for 75% of trips under one mile*
  • Bicyclists in the United States save $4.6 billion each year by bicycling instead of driving**

*Source: Transportation Research Board

**Source: League of American bicyclists