Identifying Regional Priorities

Jackson County has worked with the Mid-America Regional Council, Bike Walk KC, and parks directors from throughout the county to help assemble a list of priority trail projects. By convening advocates and local parks experts, the project partnership team was able to identify trail expansions that are regionally significant, will provide trail access to more citizens, facilitate economic development, and link key destinations.

This process has come to identify four major trail projects that Jackson County is committed to in a regional, multimodal transportation system:

  • A Katy Trail Connector along the Rock Island rail road, from the Truman Sports Complex to southern Jackson County in Pleasant Hill. This trail would create a scenic connection to the state-wide Katy Trail system for Jackson County residents. The State of Missouri is currently in the process of extending the Katy Trail from Windsor, Missouri to Pleasant Hill. Just imagine traveling the historic Katy trail, for a day, or even a week!
  • Extending the Little Blue Trace south of its current terminus at Little Blue Trace Park. This extension would tie into the proposed Rock Island trail and would provide better access to trails for all Jackson County citizens.
  • Developing trails along the Blue River from State Line Road to northern Independence. This trail would provide regional connections between Kansas City, Missouri, Independence, and Grandview. This trail would make connections with Swope Park and eventually tie into the Rock Island trail at its northern end.
  • Three- Trails West trail will connect citizens in Raytown and south Kansas City with the Blue River Trail and provide access to the entire trail network.