Trails are valued community assets. Trails provide a variety of benefits to neighborhoods by creating attractive places to exercise and explore the outdoors. Improving Jackson County’s trail network will make connections between local communities and provide an alternative mode of transport. Trails work for us.

Trails Help Boost Our Economy

Trails, whether paved, pebble or dirt, are attractions for bikers, hikers, and almost all citizens. Expanding our current trail network will poise our region as a more competitive place to live, open a business, and travel. Trails will encourage tourism in our area and help boost local businesses. The economic impacts of some trails are in the millions of dollars annually*.

Not only do trails attract businesses and bolster our local economy, they help boost property values. Trails are highly demanded amenities that make properties in their proximity more valuable. By expanding our current trail network, we can help Jackson County citizens and businesses in a variety of ways. Who doesn’t enjoy access to trails?

Why Not Commute by Bike?

A comprehensive transit plan is all about providing transportation options for our citizens. Biking is an alternative transportation choice that Jackson County and the KCRTA fully support in any transportation.

By building new and extending current trails, individuals will be able to pursue an active transportation alternative. By connecting people, businesses, and neighborhoods with trails, we can help create a more bikable and livable Jackson County. Why not commute to work by bike, or run quick errands on two wheels? Jackson County and the KCRTA are dedicated to improving active, healthy, self-propelled transportation options in our region.

Improving Quality of Life in Jackson County

Trails provide convenient and enjoyable places for people of all ages to stay active and experience nature in our region. From recreational use to daily commuting, trails make enjoying the outdoors easy and accessible. By providing alternative transportation options, trails can help protect our local environment and preserve our resources*. Improving trails in Jackson County really does work for us!

*Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

**American Trails